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new audio ppl!!!!

2010-05-03 22:38:05 by PresentingIMP

hey its Ivan have your loveable psychopath here to say matt is out get a Brazilian bikini waxing because how on to your privates people he a women in man's clothing shocking is it not!! I mean how would have guessed it!!! but I digress wanted to tell you people to listen to our new audio post we will try to interested as best as we can

what to do when your bored

2010-04-25 23:18:54 by PresentingIMP

a list of stuff to make your boredom disappear brought to you by Ivan and Matt Productions

1. eat a baby

2. make rat poison pies and give them to you local orphanariums

3.give your neighbor's dog LSD and watch

4. give a 5 year old a bunch of M14

5.put laxatives in you friends food

6. watch a person in a wheelchair wrestle a bear

7. drink bleach with a crazy straw

8. drop pianos off skyscrapers

more when i can think it up

hello the name is Ivan I'm firstin command and i still play second fiddle to matt (so don't push me.) i will comment when i feel like it and if i've had my coffee.

Number 2

2010-04-23 12:13:06 by PresentingIMP

Hello! I am Matthew. the second and more creative half of PIMP. I don't comment much but when i do, ITS AWESOME!

Hello World! We are PIMP or Presenting Ivan and Matthew Productions! Random Shit be ahead.